IPL Lamp Driver

  • Update:Jun 13, 2017
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The IPL lamp power supply is used to drive 1 2 or 3 pulsed lamps used in beauty industry. It is easily operated.

Product Introduction
Model Input Output power No. of driven lamps Max. output voltage Display Weight Dimension (cm)
ST-IPL-03-1 220VAC 300W 1 360V 240x128 LCD 3kg 16x18x14
ST-IPL-04-1 220VAC 400W 1 360V 240x128 LCD 3kg 16x18x14
ST-IPL-10-1-A 220VAC 1000W 1 360V 240x128 LCD 5kg 20x27x14
ST-IPL-10-1-B 220VAC 1000W 1 360V 240x128 LCD 5.2kg 19x24x14
ST-IPL-08-2 220VAC 800W 2 400V 240x128 LCD 5.7kg 20x30x14
ST-IPL-10-2 220VAC 1000W 2 360V 240x128 LCD 5.7kg 20x30x14
ST-IPL-10-2-1 220VAC 1000W 2 360V colour touch screen 6kg 25x30x14
ST-IPL-10-3 220VAC 1000W 3 360V 240x128 LCD 8kg 38x31x14
ST-IPL-30-1 3P 208VAC 3kW 1 450V 240x128 LCD 70kg 44x44x40
ST-IPL-30x2-1x2 3P 208VAC 2x3kW 2 450V 240x128 LCD 140kg 88x44x40

Description of Model:  ST- IPL-XX-YY-Z

Model IPL driver Output power, unit=100W Number of driven lamp Others

Remark:When multi-lamp is driven, the lamps are not simultaneously driven. If all lamps are simultaneously driven, the total output power will be summed by all lamps.

Fluence: setting of pulse energy, range 05 to 35, corresponding to output voltages 130 to 360V.

Pulsewidth: setting of pulse width, range 05 to 35ms.

Number of pulses:  setting of pulse number, range 01-07.

Interval between pulses: spacing of neighbour pulses.

Pulse counter: counting the pulse number.

Specifications of ST-IPL-30x2-1x2

Model ST-IPL-30x2-1x2  
DC Voltage control 100 – 450 V  
Capacitor 450 V/ 100, 000 uF  
Repetition Rate 1 Hz Frequency of triggering (one triggering can include multiple pulses)
Pulse sequence 10 Hz Pulse frequency in each triggering
Pulse number control 1 – 100 Through LCD controller
Pulse duration 1 – 100 ms Through LCD controller, 0.1 ms step increase
Pulse gap 5 – 100 ms Through LCD controller, 1 ms step increase
Simmer trigger error check yes  
Dual output 2 x 3 kW 2 separate LCD, to control each channel output
Power 3P 208VAC/50-60Hz or 3P 380VAC/50-60Hz