• In various industries there is a need to focus a laser beam to a well-defined size and shape with uniform intensity (flat top). A uniform spot enables even laser treatment of the working surface.
  • The first demonstration of laser action by T. H. Maiman was achieved in 1960 using ruby (Cr3+:Al2O3). In 1960, L. F. Johnson and K. Nassau demonstrated the first solid-state neodymium laser, in which the neodymium ion was a dopant in calcium
  • When selecting a laser marking system for a particular application there are many factors to consider: power density time reflectivity and thermal. This paper will tell you how to select a laser marking system.
  • The acousto-optical Q-switch often used in the laser marking makes use of mutual interaction between an ultrasonic wave and a light beam in a scattering medium. The light beam that enters in a direction forming a Bragg angle to the wave surf
  • Laser micro-drilling technology plays a more and more important role in industry especially in the fabrication of multi-layer electronic packages. In such applications non-metals are often used as insulators in which via holes are form
  • There are numerous laser marking systems being used to engrave nameplates as a means of applying the advantages of laser marking to products that are too large and / or too heavy to the laser marking systems.
  • A simple optical resonator consists of two mirrors. Its most significant character is the open sides which always produce diffraction losses. The functions of a laser resonator are (a) to achieve optical feedback and to generate laser beam;
  • Light has much relationship with nature matters and living species, since light has a very wide range in its wavelength spectrum (near zero to about 100 mm) and has been underlying in almost every activities of life.
  • Laser lamps are mercury-free gas discharge lamps used to pump solid-state lasers in many laser applications like welding cutting and marking.They are especially suitable for high-power lasers or lasers with high precision
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