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5 Euro Bill Inspection
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Executive Summary

Our MK10 HD with a 16 mm focal lens was used in the inspection of a 5 euro bill. The tests were performed only to demonstrate measurement capability. Using Optimet's highly qualified technology for scanning, we achieved optimal performances.

1. Advantages over Other Technologies:

  • High lateral resolution
  • Auto‐exposure feature with real time adjustment to different surface colors and reflection levels

2. Application Description

Scanning of a 5 euro bill using Optimet’s MK10 HD with a 16 mm focal lens.

2.1 Method

Scanning with Optimet MK10 sensor and any appropriate stage system.

The bill was scanned twice, so that each scan measures the part of the bill with transparent tape and the part without. It’s possible to identify a separation line between the parts.

Test settings: Measurement rate ‐ 9KHz

3. Results and Observations

First Scan

Figure 1 – Surface presentation

Note (fig.1) – The transparent tape was placed on the right side of the note

Figure 2 – 3D presentation
Figure 3 – Selected profile

Second Scan

Figure 4 – Surface presentation
Note (fig.5) – The transparent tape was placed on the left side of the note.


4. Data

  Figure 5 – 3D presentation   Figure 6 – Selected profile


Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent  Diffusive
Working Range (mm)  0.2
Precision (μm)  0.5
Stand Off (mm)  11
Max. Data Rate (Hz)  9K
Lateral Resolution 
Z Resolution
Application Category 


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