Chen, Yihong    Professor Dr.

Education & Training

1983Bachelor of Engineering, Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China
Thesis: Study on Laser Heat Treatment of Blades for Steam Engines
Supervisor: Professor Zheng Qiguang

1986Master of Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Thesis: Study on TEA CO2 Lasers
Supervisor: Professor Qiu Junlin

1998Ph. D.,Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Thesis: Studies on Laser Design and Laser Micro-Machining
Supervisors: Dr. Tam Siu Chung & Dr. Zheng Hong Yu

09/1995Technical Writing & Presentation Skills for Engineers
by the Centre for Continuing Education of Nanyang Technological University

by St. John Ambulance (Singapore) Pte Ltd

06/1999Design of Experiments
by Professor T. N. Goh of Industrial and System Engineering Department of National University of Singapore

06/1999Planning and Managing Projects
by Dr. Vincent Yip of Integrated Project Systems

Academic Activities


  1. Chairman, Wuhan Laser Association of Optics Valley of China from 2003
  2. Director, Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society from 2003
  3. Director, Hubei Provincial Optical Society from 2003
  4. Member, SPIE
  5. Member, The Chinese Optical Society (COS)
  6. Vice Chairman, Hubei Provincial & Wuhan Laser Society
  7. Director, The Chinese Optical Society from 1989 to 1993
  8. Chairman, The Youth Committee of  the Chinese Optical Society from 1989 to 1991
  9. Secretary, Hubei Provincial Laser Society from 1990 to 1994 (part time)
  10. Vice Chairman, Hubei Provincial Laser Association from 2014
  11. Vice Chairman, Wuhan Optics Valley Laser Association from 2003
  12. Vice Chairman, Wuhan Opto-electronic Association from 2014


        Journal: Laser Technology from 1994 to 2002

Organizing Academic Conferences

  1. The Third National Conference on Optics organized by the Youth Committee of the Chinese Optical Society (Wuhan, Hubei, 1989)
  2. The Fifth National Conference on Optics organized by the Youth Committee of the Chinese Optical Society (Yichang, Hubei, 1991)
  3. The Three-Region Conference on Lasers organized by the Hubei Provincial Laser Society (Yichang, Hubei, 1990)

Attending Academic Conferences

  1. The First National Conference on Optics organized by the Youth Committee of the Chinese Optical Society (Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 1987)
  2. The Third National Conference on Optics organized by the Youth Committee of the Chinese Optical Society (Wuhan, Hubei, 1989)
  3. The Fifth National Conference on Optics organized by the Youth Committee of the Chinese Optical Society (Yichang, Hubei, 1991)
  4. The Third National Conference on Lasers and Laser Material Processing (Wuhan, Hubei, 1993)
  5. The International Conference on Precision Engineering'95 (2nd ICMT) (Singapore, 1995)
  6. The International Conference on Micro-Electronic Packaging and Laser Processing (Singapore, 1997)
  7. The International Conference on Photonic Systems and Applications in Defence and Manufacturing (Singapore, 1999)

R&D Activities

Lasers and Laser Machines

  1. Pulsed CO2 laser (1983-1988): photo-preionised TEA CO2 laser, laser power supply, resonators, and laser gas kinetics.
  2. TEA CO2 laser marking machine (1985-1989): optical delivery system, requirements for marking various materials.
  3. High-power CW helium-free CO2 laser (1988-1994): gas kinetics, DC laser power supply, resonators, heat exchange, and pre-ionization technology.
  4. High-power high-frequency excited CO2 laser (1990-1994): physics of high frequency gas discharge, HF laser power supply, discharge structure, and heat exchange.
  5. High-power CW CO2 Laser machining systems (1988-1994): laser welding machines (welding of rotator of electric motors), laser heat treatment machines (surface treatment of convex wheel axles of motorcycles), and laser cutting machines (for general purposes).
  6. Laser therapeutic apparatus (1990): portable CO2 lasers of 10W with pulsed and/or CW operation, and switching power supply.
  7. CW Nd:YAG laser & marking system (06/1994-08/1997): 60W YAG laser generator, resonator, stability, & scanning system.
  8. Pulsed Nd:YAG laser machining system (06/1994-08/1997): 300W YAG laser generator, resonator, beam quality, stability, & cooling system.
  9. Second harmonic generation of Nd:YAG laser (1994-1995): resonator, optics, crystal, beam quality & optimization.
  10. Development of an integrated inspection & laser drilling system for HPT vane (04/1996-08/1998): developing an integrated inspection and laser system to re-drill blocked cooling holes in jet engine turbine vanes.
  11. YAG laser marking, drilling and up-grading to higher harmonic wavelength (02/1998-09/98): developing the 2nd and 3rd harmonic YAG laser generators and studying laser marking and drilling with the YAG laser.
  12. Process studies with a Q-switched diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser (06/98-05/99): developing proper beam guide optics and performing investigations on welding, drilling, marking, PCB via hole drilling, surface structuring and surface cleaning.
  13. Preliminary investigation of laser induced titanium silicide formation
  14. Development of laser welding process under controlled inert gas environment (09/98-05/99): developing a laser welding process under inert gas environment for hermetic modules.
  15. Development of pulse Nd:YAG laser (02/00-10/00): develop a pulse Nd:YAG laser machine for spot welding of gold jewellery chains.
  16. Diode-pumped solid-state laser for materials processing (08/98-10/00): developing a diode-pumped YAG laser system suitable for laser materials processing such as marking and texturing.
  17. Diode-pumped solid-state laser (08/99-10/00): develop a diode-pumped solid-state laser for industrial use.
  18. Beam coupling and reshaping of laser diode arrays (09/99-07/00): develop an efficient method of beam coupling and reshaping for laser diode arrays.

Laser Applications

  1. Laser trimming for quartz (06/1994-10/1994): improving the frequency accuracy of quartz resonator by trimming.
  2. Laser micro-engraving of photomasks for liquid crystal display (06/1994-07/1996): optimizing the engraving processes.
  3. Specialized service on laser cutting of CHASISS (01/1995): optimizing cutting processes and cutting 200 pieces chassis.
  4. Development of laser micro-drilling technology with excimer laser (05/1995-10/1996): developing laser micro-drilling processes for various applications requiring hole size of 50 mm or below.
  5. Development of laser beam shaping technology for surface modification (09/1995-08/1997): developing adjustable rectangular beam shape with uniform distributions from Gaussian or multi-mode laser beams.
  6. Technology development program on laser marking (07/1996-10/1996): upgrading local companies in laser marking technologies via a seminar.
  7. Excimer laser scribing of ITO film for LCD (08/1996-08/1997): developing & optimizing process parameters of excimer & YAG laser scribing of special materials, and then designing the required system for high-volume production.
  8. Feasibility study on laser marking of mobile phone keymat (01/1997-03/1997): evaluating the technology and equipment requirements for laser marking on mobile phone keymats, marking samples with various types of lasers (excimer, CO2, N2, and Nd:YAG lasers).
  9. Investigation of laser marking on thermoplastic elastomers (03/1997-12/1997): evaluating the feasibility of laser color marking on thermoplastic elastomers.
  10. Laser marking tests for materials supplied by Kinergy Pte Ltd (09/1997-12/1997): optimizing parameters of laser marking on the new materials developed by Kinergy.
  11. Competency development of high power pulsed Nd:YAG laser (10/1997-05/1998): substantiating technologies in precision miniature fabrication with Lumonics laser.
  12. Process investigation and parameter optimization in laser cutting of PCB substrate (02/98-05/98): developing an optimal laser cutting process for FR4 substrate and identifying any harmful by-product from the laser cutting process.
  13. Laser drilling of VIAS holes (05/1997-07/1998): finding suitable laser systems and investigating drilling processes (direct drilling, conformal and mask projection drilling).
  14. Process development of laser marking on injection-molded mobile phone keymats (05/1997-08/1998): developing a new laser marking process and a new injection molding process of thermoplastic elastomers.
  15. Laser mark on stainless (09/98-12/98)
  16. Laser diode applications (04/98-01/99): setting-up laser diode technology and applications at Gintic.
  17. Nd:YAG laser processing with optical fiber (11/98-05/99): developing competency of using fiber optics for high power Nd:YAG laser in materials processing.
  18. Laser marking on metals (10/99-01/00): develop color-change marking technology.

R&D Interests ---- Collaboration welcome!

  1. Various types of lasers
  2. Laser machining systems
  3. Laser material processing with CO2, YAG & excimer lasers

Working Experience

2000-presentCEO, Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd

1994-2000Research Engineer (06/1994), Research Associate (01/1997), Associate Research Fellow (01/1998) & Research Fellow (01/1999)
Advanced Machining Group, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Republic of Singapore

1986-1994Assistant (07/1986), Lecturer (12/1988) & Associate Professor (05/1993) National Engineering Research Centre for Laser Processing
and National Laboratory for Laser Technology, Huazhong University of Science & Technology Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China


  1. The third-class prize for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by the People's Government of Hubei Province of China in 1988.
  2. The third-class prize for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by the Chinese State Education Committee in 1992.
  3. Excellent activist awarded by the Hubei Provincial Society of Science and Technology in 1993.
  4. Excellent Entrepreneur awarded by Wuhan Government in 2003
  5. “5.1 Labor Medal” awarded by Wuhan Government in 2003
  6. “Excellent Pioneer” awarded by Hubei Provincial Government in 2004
  7. “Excellent Pioneer” awarded by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China in 2005


1. 2000, Method of preparing an integrated circuit package for laser marking, 200000516-5
2. 2000,  Process for laser marking metal surface, 200001597-4
3. 2003, Laser marker with anti-exploding, 02229385X
4. 2003, Auto-loading system for rings, ZL 2003 20116209.1
5. 2003, Laser marking for gas valves, ZL 2003 2 0116353.5
6. 2003, Reflective laser marker, ZL 03 2 54586.X
7. 2003, Control apparatus of laser marker, ZL 03 3 35648.3
8. 2006, A special apparatus for laser marking, ZL 2005 2 0060004.5
9. 2006, A work table for laser engraving using galvanometer scanner, ZL 2005 2 0060066.6
10. 2009, a compact laser marker, 200920059501.1
11. 2009, a laser marker with dual cross-red line positioning, 200920059502.6
12. 2009, motorized 3D stage for laser marking, 200920059484.1
13. 2009,  a simple Z-axis adjustable table for laser marking, 200920059485.6
14. 2009, Marking method and equipment using a thermal sensing paper, 200910040859.4
15. 2009,  a ceramic laser pump chamber, 200920061902.2
16. 2011, A new crystal assemble for diode end-pumped lasers, 201120134671.9
17. 2011, Water-cooled laser cutting head, 201120134656.4
18. 2011, New laser crystal assemble, 201120134671.9
19. 2011, water cooled laser cutting head, 201120134656.4
20. 2011, End-pumped air-cooled laser, 201120221330.5
21. 2011, End-pumped ceramic laser, 201120375003.5
22. 2011, Anti-collision fiber laser cutting head, ZL201220530671.5
23. 2011, Diode side-pumped solid-state laser, 201110298153.5
24. 2011, End-pumped air-cooled laser, 201110175897.8
25. 2012, Laser engraving machine for large filed application, ZL201220584042.0
26. 2012, A laser welding assistant set up for battery’s enclosure, ZL201220514217.0
27. 2012, Precision moving table, ZL201220531432.1
28. 2013, A 532nm green laser, 201320703515.9
29. 2013, A laser cutting table for engine’s cylinder, 201320754112.7
30. 2013, Rotary set up for tube’s processing, 201320743638.5
31. 2013, Loading system for engine’s cylinder, 201320743939.8
32. 2013, Loading set up for automatic cylinder, 201320744717.8
33. 2013, Unloading set up for cutting cylinders, 201320752565.6
34. 2013, Limit set up for cylinder’s cutting, 201320754001.6
35. 2014, Set up for automatic focusing, 201420234553.9
36. 2014, Solid-state laser for precision engraving, 201420454131.2
37. 2014, Automatic adjustment between laser scanner and workpiece, 201420454138.4
38. 2014, All solid-state diode-pumped UV laser,  201420469225.7
39. 2014, A hand-held, portable and moveable marking system, 201420454083.7
40. 2014, Beam splitter for dual laser marking heads, 201420454127.6
41. 2014, Fiber laser marker for large field, 201420454078.6
42. 2014, Laser cutting table, 201430237611.9
43. 2015, Laser cutting table for cutting engine’s cylinder, 201310604275.1
44. 2015, All solid-state diode end-pumped laser, 201520090922.6
45. 2015, Diode end-pumped solid-state laser, 201520091297.7
46. 2015, Set up for changing polarized output average laser power, 201520024320.0
47. 2015, Set up for changing linearly polarized output average laser power, 201520024316.4
48. 2015, Air-cooled UV laser, 201520178490.4

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